Insight Data Science

We are a professional educational startup that helps quantitative PhDs make the transition from academia to careers in data science and engineering. The Fellows in our program learn data science by creating and developing data projects while getting exposed to data science from industry professionals that come to speak to them every day. Our Fellows have been hired at Bloomberg, The New York Times, Netflix, Airbnb, LinkedIn, etc, as well as many smaller startups in the Bay area, New York and Boston.

Women in Machine Learning and Data Science

The WiMLDS is a NYC based community of women interested in machine learning and data science. We host bi-monthly events which include talks by prominent data scientists, lightning talks, technical workshops and networking events. Our members include engineers, technologists, statisticians, students and many other professionals who work in data science or would like to transition into this field. Our mission is to build a community of women in data science by means of connecting and educating our members with support from the dynamic NYC tech community.


Dataiku develops the most productive Predictive Services Development Platform for data professionals. This all-in-one platform, Data Science Studio (DSS), integrates all the capabilities required to build end-to-end services that turn raw data into business impacting predictions quickly. With its user-friendly interface and whitebox approach, DSS enables collaborative work between both business & tech profiles. Whether working alone or collaboratively, analysts can point, click, and build, developers and data scientists can code, and high-level data consumers can visualize. DSS integrates standard big data and ML technologies that users can transparently appropriate enabling them to quickly design and achieve their business goals.


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Career Opportunities

Pricewaterhouse Coopers

PwC's Analytics Practice helps organizations rapidly discover, quantify and derive value from data with intelligent analytics and scalable end-to-end business solutions. We enhance this value by leveraging our own analytical expertise across industries, geographies, and competencies.


Bloomberg technology helps drive the world’s financial markets. We provide communications platforms, data, analytics, trading platforms, news and information for the world’s leading financial market participants. We deliver through our unrivaled software, digital platforms, mobile applications and state of the art hardware developed by Bloomberg technologists for Bloomberg customers.


IBM is a multinational technology and consulting corporation. IBM manufactures and markets computer hardware, middleware and software, and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. IBM's analytics offerings cover the full stack from data storage to advanced analytics and includes a number of analytics based industry solutions and services.