Event Recap

General Splendor

The Get Better with Data hackathon was a great success! The collaboration among the teams was endemic, the sharing of knowledge was infectious, and the spread of ideas was contagious!

The day began with an introduction to the US healthcare system by Fred Lindberg from Flatiron Health. Fred spoke of the lack of transparency in the insurance industry and the difficulty of finding information that really matters. All of the participants were left inspired to tackle these problems head on.

One team chose to look at the pricing discrepancies across the country for the same condition. It turns out that procedures coded as “eye and ocular adnexa” (eg. cataracts) have a huge variation in cost across the US. Another team tried to predict the cost of a medical procedure based on a patient’s age, race, source of payment, and other features - check out their Shiny App here.

All of the teams found interesting nuggets and learned something new during the event. Here are some more blog posts from the participants:

Application Fee Donation

To reserve their spots, we asked all participants to pay a nominal fee of $5 which would be donated to a charity voted on during the event. The chosen charity was Visiting Nurse Services of New York, a “not-for-profit organization [that] provides in-home nursing care, therapy, and hospice and palliative services to New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds.” We are happy to announce that we raised $325.58!