The Get Better with Data hackathon was a great success! Over 70 hackers gathered to explore the cost of healthcare in the US with the support of about 20 mentors. Thank you to all of the participants and sponsors for making the event spectacular!

Why are we doing this?

We want high quality, affordable healthcare. And that's not what we have. So, let’s fix it! Data can shine a light on what’s wrong with US healthcare. We’ll get together to look at public health-related data to diagnose the US healthcare system: we know the symptoms, can we find the cause?

  • Learn: Learn about the US healthcare system and open source data analysis tools that you can use to work with healthcare data.
  • Improve: Explore the drivers of healthcare cost and brainstorm with us towards a better future for US healthcare.
  • Collaborate: Work with others to achieve a common goal. Learn from the person next to you. Healthcare concerns all of us, let’s fix it together.

CMS Open Payments

Has your doctor received money from a pharmaceutical company? Or a medical device maker? The Physician Sunshine act requires manufacturers of drugs, medical device maker and biologicals to disclose financial transactions with physicians and hospitals. Dive into the data of all financial transactions in 2013 and 2014 summing up to a total of $3.5 billion (!!!) to shine the light on who pays whom.

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Elhadad dataset

What research gets picked up by the popular media? The *best* research promising to change patients lives? Well, maybe? Learn what kind of information makes the news -- maybe not what you’d think!

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2010 Chronic Conditions PUFs

How expensive are chronic conditions? Study Medicare claims to find out what’s more expensive and by how much: diabetes or blood pressure? Study the effects of age, gender, and medicare eligibility status (because the latter should totally matter, right?).

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Malpractice claims

What makes US healthcare so expensive? Lawsuits, you say? Study a sample of malpractice claims containing information about payment amounts and the reasons for malpractice (complete with geolocation data and practitioner license type). Data aggregated through

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Utilization and Payment Data

If you suffer from, let’s say, a lung infection; what’s the treatment you’re likely to receive? Study services received by Medicare beneficiaries including information about the practicing physician, the performed procedures, and the allowed payment amount complete with geolocation data. Are all lung infections created equal? Let’s find out.

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What happens when you go to a hospital in NY state? Will you receive the same care? Will you be equally likely to get readmitted within 30 days? Let’s look at hospital discharge data from 2009 to 2013 to learn more.

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Medical Panel Expenditure Survey

Learn about the cost and use of healthcare in the US. The Medical Panel Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) is a large scale survey of medical spent across families and individuals all over the United States. Sadly, data come in hard to access formats. Let's clean the clutter to learn see how we've utilized healthcare and how much we paid across the years and states.

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National Health Interview Survery

Since 1957, the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) put the finger on the pulse of the nation. NHIS data are collected through personal household interviews and cover a wide range of health topics. Results have been instrumental in understanding the (health) state of the nation but data are locked away in hard to access files. Help unlock the state of the nation.

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And maybe more ...

We are still trawling the internet for more interesting healthcare data. If you've got any ideas, please do reach out. We'd love to hear from you.

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